The Audit Buster

"Two dates of service were incorrect or missing."

ShareNote does not allow a note to be saved without ALL of the necessary elements required on that note.

"A note was signed without appropriate credentials."

In ShareNote, each staff member's signature is captured with their credentials. Their signature, position, licensure and credentials are printed on each note.

"Two notes had incorrect billing codes."

ShareNote tracks authorized client billing codes and cross references then with staff member credentials. Only matching codes can be selected and billed.

The above were ACTUAL audit deficiencies documented during recent audits of behavioral health care agencies.

Client Care Simplified

Finally there is a system that is easy to use and intuitively designed, yet still has an astonishingly robust feature set. The information that you need to efficiently manage all aspects of your organization is readily available from any computer in the world. So, now you can just get things done!

EHR Certified - Ambulatory has received the federal goverment's "meaningful use" stamp of approval by earning the ambulatory EHR certification via the Drummond Group. The designation officially deems capable of enabling providers to quality for funding under the American Recover and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Our Features

Provider Features

  • Short implementation time frame
  • Zero start up costs
  • No software to install
  • Always using most up-to-date version
  • Most affordable and efficient solution available
  • Direct billing to insurance payors
  • Electronic remittance reports
  • Easy denial reconciliation
  • Universal Notes
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Your custom documents within ShareNote
  • Staff Management
    • Time clock
    • Task lists
    • Calendars
    • Employee records
  • Multi-level security access for sensitive data
  • Manage multiple locations/sites with one login
  • Online document storage

Staff Features

  • Client management
    • Goals
    • Service/Shift notes
    • Sleep logs
    • Client records
  • Centralized/Standardized note review method
  • Manage certifications
  • Task Lists
  • Calendar
  • Message center
  • Text message notifications
  • News wall
  • Electronic signatures