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ShareNote - Client Care Simplified

Sharenote is a 100% web-based solution designed to simplify and organize many of the processes required to operate your healthcare organization. Mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services can be a daunting task full of documentation and state regulations. ShareNote is designed to combine all of those processes into one intuitive user interface to afford its users on-demand, secure, and controlled access to critical company data, client data, and documentation from ANYWHERE there is an internet connection.


Electronic Prescriptions

ShareNote has integrated DoseSpot to provide electronic prescription capabilities to providers from within ShareNote. DoseSpot allows ShareNote to provide a secure system to electronically write and send prescriptions for both controlled and non-controlled substances. Prescribed medication and allergy information is then immediately available inside of ShareNote.

Unlimited Note Types

With the Universal Note System found inside of ShareNote, providers are able to use any note type commonly used today. From SOAP to PIE, and from BIRP to GIRP, ShareNote has it covered. Does your organization or state use a custom note? ShareNote allows for easy implementation of any custom note types that you require to care for your clients.

Direct Billing

Turn the once grueling, confusing, and tedious process of billing into a few quick and painless clicks of a mouse. Reduce errors, quickly review and correct denials, save time and increase the percentage of paid claims with Direct Billing included within ShareNote.

EHR Certified

EHR certification gives proof to you that ShareNote offers capability, functionality, and security to help your company meet the meaningful use criteria. Certification also provides confidence that our system is secure, can maintain data confidentially, and can work with other systems to share information.

Document Management

ShareNote users are able to manage files and documents for their organization, staff and clients using the intuitave and innovative document management system included in ShareNote. Staff and clients can now have photos associated with their profiles, store staff performance reviews, and give staff access to company documents...all stored within ShareNote.

Multiple Locations

Does your practice have more than one site? Now managing multiple sites is just as easy as managing a single site. ShareNote allows instant access to data of multiple locations with a single login. Save in travel costs and time by viewing and managing important client and staff information without ever having to leave the main office...or your bed for that matter!


"My billing process was reduced from days to mere minutes with ShareNote Billing. This is great!"

Candace P. (Billing Manager)

"I ask myself how in the world we functioned without ShareNote..."

Karen W. (Outpatient Services Provider)

"This system has made my life easier and my staff more efficient!"

Donald T. (Clinical Director)

"We aced our audit thanks to ShareNote and the prompt work of their team!"

Robert K. (Clinical Director)

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