ChangeLog Release v4.0.166

 23 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3068
  1. shhhh, can't tell you yet
  Changeset ID #3066
  1. Fixes for assessment and docs Json issue
  Changeset ID #3065
  1. Internal code push for NOC reporting
  Changeset ID #3064
  1. Internal code push for NOC reporting
  Changeset ID #3063
  1. Internal code push for NOC reporting
  Changeset ID #3062
  1. Internal code push for NOC reporting Release v4.0.165

 21 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3061
  1. updates to registration page
  Changeset ID #3059
  1. Asana Task - Do not allow REPLY if sent from ShareNote Alerts user, Add Filter by Priority
  Changeset ID #3058
  1. Internal code push for NOC reporting
  Changeset ID #3057
  1. Remove java script from dadsnote.aspx and made a new js file.
  Changeset ID #3056
  1. HD TIcket #35998 - Note Enhancement Release v4.0.164

 20 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3055
  1. Service auth history/versioning to keep records what changes made to auth. Release v4.0.163

 19 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3054
  1. HD #36015 --incorrect time of event during sending a msg to msg center
  Changeset ID #3053
  1. Remove HTML tags from intervention, response, and plan. Release v4.0.162

 19 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3052
  1. Asana Task - Calendar Scheduler Updates [HD Ticket ID: 34879] (Remaining checkins)
 18 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3051
  1. Validate Frequecy of Unit used in edit of a note by provider pref for start of a week
  Changeset ID #3050
  1. Asana Task - Calendar Scheduler Updates [HD Ticket ID: 34879]
  Changeset ID #3049
  1. Can We Hide the Expired Services unless they are chosen to show? - They make it a little harder to select services and they're mostly there for archival purposes. I'm speaking of years old expiration.
  Changeset ID #3048
  1. HD Ticket #35990 - Gender not showing "Female" on the Detail page, after entering a new client.
  Changeset ID #3047
  1. HD Ticket #35919 - Reminder for The Comment Screen
  Changeset ID #3046
  1. Aging report switch view by client or location Release v4.0.161

 15 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3045
  1. Display total SUM as per location in Aging Report
  Changeset ID #3044
  1. HD Error ID#33128- Error Message on a Note Release v4.0.160

 14 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3043
  1. Asana Task : Please Update (3160) A Bundle of Care, LLC
  Changeset ID #3042
  1. Report HWE Daily Progress Report. (Not available in production). And Note information is not loading or binding properly, missing mental status profile information. Release v4.0.159

 13 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3041
  1. Provider settings to delete or restore assessments only admins and capture date deleted
  Changeset ID #3040
  1. Added DADS Note type field to set on/off per provider
  Changeset ID #3039
  1. Asana Task- Updated Form/Log for TX Providers
  Changeset ID #3038
  1. updates to reg content Release v4.0.158

 12 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3036
  1. updates to registration page
  Changeset ID #3033
  1. updated pricing on reg page
  Changeset ID #3031
  1. Fixed Calendar Issue: Some check was missing so it was displaying the wrong message when trying to save and update an event or appointment.
  Changeset ID #3030
  1. Code fix for uc_Web_Autocomplete.asmx.vb. Copy update for the registration page. Release v4.0.157

 11 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3029
  1. Add Multi select to Scheduler Event Types
  Changeset ID #3028
  1. Aging Report Release v4.0.156

 08 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3027
  1. added copy to client details letting users know to update funding source in client profile > funding sources; disabled funding source controls so updates would not be allowed from client details.
  Changeset ID #3025
  1. fixes for double submit issue
  Changeset ID #3024
  1. admins can only trash and restore assesssments
  Changeset ID #3023
  1. updated atl reg page with hotel booking link. updated homepage to promo/link to event reg. Release v4.0.155

 07 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3021
  1. updated registration page for 2017 ATL training. missing hotel URL.
  Changeset ID #3018
  1. message center fixes
  Changeset ID #3017
  1. HD Ticket ID #35917-Executive Dashboard -displays billing amounts by procedure code.
  Changeset ID #3016
  1. HD Ticket #35892 - Activity Reports not Reflecting Same Hours as PI Chart (done at all note centers) Release v4.0.154

 06 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3015
  1. update to new PIE note
  Changeset ID #3012
  1. Required Field Validation is not working for Role,Staff Type and Marital Status
  Changeset ID #3011
  1. Error Log ID #668414-Conversion from string "" to type 'Boolean' is not valid.
  Changeset ID #3010
  1. ENHANCEMENT CHANGES(This assessment is pulling the ICD-9 / DSM-4 codes, it needs to pull in or have the options for the ICD-10 / DSM-5 codes) Release v4.0.153

 05 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3009
  1. Check duplicate appointment when creating events from calender/scheduler
  Changeset ID #3007
  1. Asana Task - Make Patient Portal a setting in the manager that we can turn On/Off per provider.
  Changeset ID #3006
  1. Insert/Update Marital Status into DB. Release v4.0.152

 02 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3005
  1. updated UI to patient portal
  Changeset ID #3003
  1. Multiple files upload issue in msg center, recipient unable to view ALL files Release v4.0.151

 01 Sep 2017
  Changeset ID #3002
  1. HD TIcket #34628 -Sharenote Scheduler
  Changeset ID #3001
  1. Reply Section on Comment for all notes (PIE,UNI, BIRP) HD Ticket #34723 - Reply Button on Comments Not Working Release v4.0.150

 30 Aug 2017
  Changeset ID #3000
  1. Added FAQ link to the header navigation Release v4.0.149

 29 Aug 2017
  Changeset ID #2998
  1. updates to pie note creation form after feedback from first round of testing
  Changeset ID #2996
  1. HD Ticket #34628 - Addition needed asap to report
  Changeset ID #2995
  1. Updated changes since published LIVE. Also removed the Help and Blog links from the main nav Release v4.0.148

 27 Aug 2017
  Changeset ID #2994
  1. Listing Appointments in client profile
  Changeset ID #2993
  1. HD Ticket #34822 - Need to add "Hearing" to list of possible impairments to screen for in BPS