ChangeLog Release v4.0.131

 27 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2900
  1. changed blogpost notifications to Amazon SES
  Changeset ID #2898
  1. updated all from staff ids to sharenote alerts in helpdesk
  Changeset ID #2895
  1. fixed display issues with client header; moved return to client manager link to client menu.
  Changeset ID #2893
  1. HD Ticket #34536 - enforce Bulletin Title a Required Field upon creation
  Changeset ID #2892
  1. HD Ticket #34539-Messages showing in Audit View
  Changeset ID #2891
  1. Fix for CS #2890
  Changeset ID #2890
  1. Note Center Search by "Team" - So that team leaders/note reviewers can search by every staff and client that they supervise. [Ticket ID: 25716]
  Changeset ID #2889
  1. Asana Task - *Add a Comments Section to Client Profile - would contain Billing comments [Ticket ID: 33342] Release v4.0.130

 26 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2888
  1. HD Ticket #34522 - Exporting Staff caseload to Excel (Company address instead of clients address
  Changeset ID #2887
  1. HD Ticket #34443 - (RTS) Biopsychosocial Assessment
  Changeset ID #2886
  1. HD Ticket #34524 - Section Name Change on Diagnostic Assessment
  Changeset ID #2885
  1. HD Ticket #34524 - Section Name Change on Diagnostic Assessment Release v4.0.129

 25 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2884
  1. Client Manager : Optimization for CPU usages and setup plus/minus icon when Assigned Staff list is large
  Changeset ID #2881
  1. "Date Assessed" - pulled date based on notes and assessments which is entered first. Release v4.0.128

 25 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2883
  1. added primary dx to birp print Release v4.0.127

 24 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2879
  1. updated several sproc and display issues: moving message to folder would continue to show message in INBOX and in custom folder, this has now been fixed; updated UI congestion when reading messages with multiple recipients; updated message priorities with colored labels instead of font icons
  Changeset ID #2877
  1. HD TIcket #34485 - I need a Form Moved
  Changeset ID #2876
  1. Fix for client services (checkbox selection issue) Release v4.0.126

 24 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2868
  1. updated message center to reinstate marking read messages as read; added permanent deleting of trashed messages by fixing SPROC; cleaned up UI
  Changeset ID #2865
  1. updated msgctr create groups to show only one icon; created new groups management page to mimic the feel of new message center
  Changeset ID #2861
  1. Asana Task - Please update (3233) U.S. Care, LLC and HD Tickets #34466,34468
  Changeset ID #2860
  1. Extend Calendar Alert time frame from 72 Hours. [Ticket ID: 26596] Release v4.0.125

 21 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2858
  1. Asana Task - Client Report - for Client Status, including when it was updated [Ticket ID: 18944]
  Changeset ID #2857
  1. Part Of CS #2853
  Changeset ID #2856
  1. Ticket ID-34445 -message center Added Check all feature for delete emails.
  Changeset ID #2855
  1. Resolved Issue of client services which is related to funding source
  Changeset ID #2854
  1. Resolved Issue - on Day and week view events are not deleting
  Changeset ID #2853
  1. Update New Task Manager [Ticket ID: 34377] Release v4.0.124

 19 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2852
  1. Assessments : multi selection checkbox on header for check/uncheck all
  Changeset ID #2851
  1. Adds ability to DELETE multiple assessments in client profile
  Changeset ID #2850
  1. updated staff manager to show caseload tab to loc admins, assigned admins, lead counselors, emergency access, and assigned supers
  Changeset ID #2848
  1. Adds ability to print multiple assessments on assessments&docs
  Changeset ID #2846
  1. Changed "Other Important Dates" to "Other Initial Dates"
  Changeset ID #2845
  1. Note Center - Search by Note ID - Can we? and Should we? [Ticket ID: 24555]
  Changeset ID #2844
  1. Asana Task - ***Can't create a custom group in the new Message Center. Asana Task - Message Center - Show when it's a Group Message [Ticket ID: 34373]
  Changeset ID #2843
  1. Minimum character count validation is not working properly in BIRP NOTE, PIE Note and UNI Note center for field : Behavior,Intervention,Response and Plan Release v4.0.123

 19 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2841
  1. Asana Task - Client Report Showing important dates [Ticket ID: 16788]
  Changeset ID #2840
  1. Resolved assessment print issue
  Changeset ID #2839
  1. Pagination in trans claims view to avoid time outs
  Changeset ID #2838
  1. Asana Task - Add DSM (Diagnosis) Codes to Initial Assessments? [Ticket ID: 33198]
  Changeset ID #2837
  1. Several Requests for and Assigned Staff column in Client Manager - Is this possible, will it stress the system?
  Changeset ID #2836
  1. Export Client Audit Log to Excel Release v4.0.122

 14 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2835
  1. Resolved issue - if close date is empty, causing issue in updating Release v4.0.121

 13 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2834
  1. Assigned Staff
  Changeset ID #2833
  1. HD Ticket #27377 - Universal Note - Rate for Add On Not Showing Nor is a Grand Total for the Note - Nicholas Allen (on Print)
  Changeset ID #2832
  1. Asana Task - Adjust Added On Date in Goals Manager [Ticket ID: 31482]
  Changeset ID #2831
  1. Asana Task - ***Training Links - Can we show the Training links section in the Support Center too? (last update was perfect) Release v4.0.120

 13 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2830
  1. Client Manager - Add Filter option to sort by Program
  Changeset ID #2828
  1. Assessment&Doc section - Adds the ability to update Billing/Payroll.
  Changeset ID #2827
  1. Asana Task - Add the "All Items in Bold are Mandatory" header and bold Sections to the PIE Note. (Just like the BIRP)
  Changeset ID #2826
  1. HD Ticket ID-#34362 Release v4.0.119

 11 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2825
  1. updated to show caseload
  Changeset ID #2823
  1. updated new msg center to fix error when viewing folder with 0 messages in it
  Changeset ID #2821
  1. HD Ticket ID #21274-Report for Staff Member Caseload, with addresses and phone numbers.
  Changeset ID #2820
  1. Amends on Changeset 2814 Release v4.0.118

 10 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2819
  1. updated staff profile to only show caseload if user is looking at their own profile or an admin is looking at any profile (HDID 34356)
  Changeset ID #2817
  1. Report for discharge clients in report mgr
  Changeset ID #2815
  1. Fixed for bind No. of days to get service authorization alert from DB
  Changeset ID #2814
  1. HD Ticker #33297 - Printing BIRP notes
  Changeset ID #2813
  1. updated new message center to ensure that links to notes and contact log were carried over from old message center (HDID 33348)
  Changeset ID #2811
  1. updated codebehind to send errors to error page instead of showing error in message center for debugging purposes during development
  Changeset ID #2809
  1. added pregnant/post-partum priority and opiate substitutions to client profile per provide (HDID 33338) Release v4.0.117

 08 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2806
  1. Added missing MarkMessageAsRead function to the DataLayer
  Changeset ID #2805
  1. created a new message center and moved the tasks from the message center into its own section. task manager now links from MANAGERS tab in main menu. message center link goes to new message center.
  Changeset ID #2803
  1. password to email queue
  Changeset ID #2802
  1. Residential services handled with session Release v4.0.116

 07 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2801
  1. Validate allow notes without notes from DB records
  Changeset ID #2799
  1. Removed copy stating that a Sig PIN has to be numeric, we allow any alphanumeric combination
  Changeset ID #2798
  1. Fix while editing appointment when user select staff member and service is not selected. Release v4.0.115

 06 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2797
  1. Report for Funding Source - showing both what's in the Funding Source Manager AND in the Client Details tab
  Changeset ID #2796
  1. How To Videos was not allowing Full Screen
  Changeset ID #2795
  1. Contact Log Manager/Report/IDentifier - Provider wants to be able to see who has contact log entries [Ticket ID: 13747]
  Changeset ID #2794
  1. Error Log ID: #634507,#634533
  Changeset ID #2792
  1. Have Active Goals Populate for Monthly Summary Converted Assessment [Ticket ID: 13324] Release v4.0.114

 04 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2791
  1. fixed issue with wrong field hidden during audit view; hid billing and submission fields while in audit view in client profile > assessments
  Changeset ID #2789
  1. Let's Remove the "Calendar" header and section on the Dashboard. - That section is redundant of "Today's Appointments" now.
  Changeset ID #2788
  1. Add Link to Contact Log notifications in the Message Center. (Just like for notes being updated) [Ticket ID: 5392] (2013) Release v4.0.113

 01 Jul 2017
  Changeset ID #2787
  1. Billing Trans. Export to excel
  Changeset ID #2786
  1. updated assessment center to hide Date Stamp when in audit mode
  Changeset ID #2784
  1. export to excel in Billing Remittance
  Changeset ID #2782
  1. HD Ticket #33199 - CANS Assessment
  Changeset ID #2781
  1. Design changes on Staff Intelligence report
  Changeset ID #2780
  1. HD Ticket #33271-Staff Intelligence Report Release v4.0.112

 30 Jun 2017
  Changeset ID #2779
  1. Added confirmation on delete/deactivate HD ticket
  Changeset ID #2778
  1. Adds ability to deactivate HD tickets in Provider's Help Desk
  Changeset ID #2777
  1. Deactivate goals when discharge a client per provider preferences.
  Changeset ID #2776
  1. Asana Task- Paragraph Spacing in Contact Log - Indentations and Paragraphs don't show. Shows as one big paragraph. [Ticket ID: 15460
  Changeset ID #2775
  1. resolved issue - control name does not exists
  Changeset ID #2774
  1. HD Ticket #33186 - Goal and Objective Being Printed On Note
  Changeset ID #2773
  1. Training Section in Manager needs a Title section so we can describe the Training Title. Comments would be helpful as well but not mandatory---Display Link on Dashboad